What Is Self-Esteem?

Self-confidence is a vital part of getting what you want and need. It is important for children, adolescents, and adults to have a healthy self-esteem so that they can reach their goals and develop meaningful relationships. Healthy self-esteem can be negatively affected in many different ways. Perhaps you have been in an abusive relationship or lost a job. Children can be affected by bullying or low grades. Teenagers might not have made the team they wanted or friendships deteriorated. All of these events, and others, can lead to the development of low self-esteem. Those that have low self-esteem may view life in a negative light. They might have difficulty maintaining friendships, or think that the world is out to get them. Then, they perpetuate these beliefs by focusing on examples that uphold them.

How Therapy Can Help With Self-Esteem

Here at Austin Family Counseling, we can help you, your child, or teenager that is suffering from low self esteem. We can help you pinpoint the root of it and collaboratively brainstorm ways to increase your self confidence. Cognitive behavioral therapeutic techniques may be used to address automatic negative thoughts and create new positive thoughts. Various activities to promote resilience and confidence may be used with children and adolescents. Austin Family Counseling therapists can connect with children and teenagers in their unique language to create a bridge of communication with parents. Through this, our therapists and parents can work together to promote positive self esteem in the child.

father guiding his child

Austin Therapists Specializing in Self-Esteem Therapy