Your Path to Professional Fulfillment Starts Here

AFC offers Austin a wide variety of career counseling services for clients at any stage in their career. As therapists, we can help clients manage stress, anxiety, and depression symptoms associated with their work life. As trained professionals, we can also help you develop the skills you need to positively affect change in this area of your life.

Holistic Career Guidance for Every Stage

For those who are seeking a career change, or need help choosing a career path, we facilitate powerful career exploration sessions. Assessments and personal interviews are used to explore your values, skills, personality, and interests. This data is used to develop a meaningful, rewarding career path that puts you on track to meet your professional goals.

career counselor coachAFC also assists clients who are currently searching for jobs and internships. Sometimes, looking for work takes people on an emotional roller coaster ride. As therapists, we can offer you tools to help you manage the anxiety and depression of job searching, as well as help you build your search skills. We will help you develop your resume, cover letter, “elevator speech”, and will even perform mock interviews to help you feel prepared and confident when you meet potential employers.

Perhaps you’re happy with your job, but need help dealing with a difficult situation or person. Most people don’t consider going to therapy to deal with a difficult boss, coworker, or project, but therapy can help! Whether you’re heading off to college, launching a new career, seeking a change, or retiring, AFC therapists offer therapeutic support that helps you achieve your career related goals.


Austin Therapists Specializing In Career Counseling