About Austin Family Counseling

About Us

Austin Family Counseling (AFC) is a counseling practice providing expert-level guidance and support for families, children, couples, and individuals. We also offer parenting workshops and groups for individuals seeking community and support.

AFC’s Mission & Vision

For Clients

Our mission is to provide hope and healing for individuals and families.

Our vision is a space where everyone feels supported and empowered by competent and caring counselors so that they can live their most authentic, healthy and integrated lives. We do this through relationship centered therapeutic services that are, family-centered, inclusive, and across the life span.

For Clinicians

Our mission is to support new and seasoned therapists and equip them with the tools to provide compassionate care for their clients and themselves.

Our vision is to change the culture of counseling through the creation and nurturing of authentic relationships. We do this through a supportive and caring community that is culturally inclusive where clinicians can feel a sense of belonging and encouragement.

AFC’s Core Values: The 3 C’s

Focusing on compassionate accountability in our interactions with each other and with our clients



  • Providing highest quality of care.
  • Continually seeking new
    opportunities for growth.
  • Taking responsibility for and taking good care of yourself.
  • Focusing on strengths.
working together counseling practice


  • Building relationships through belonging and community.
  • Approaching situations from a systemic viewpoint.
  • Maintaining an awareness of others.
  • Cultivating joy through laughter and fun.
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  • Rooted in love and acceptance
  • Providing support and encouragement
  • Mutual respect for all
  • Maintaining a safe and judgment-free environment.

Austin Family Counseling

Austin Family Counseling, PLLC, (AFC) is an outpatient facility providing support through scheduled appointments only for families, adolescents, children, couples and individuals. We also offer parenting workshops and counseling groups for individuals seeking community and support. We specialize in offering support and guidance to the entire family.

We are a unique group of therapists who will not only help you feel connected and cared for, but also provide you with guidance and expertise that will give you what you need to restore hope and connection in your life and relationships.

If you or someone you love is having a mental health emergency or is experiencing a crisis, please call the Travis County 24/7 Crisis Hotline 512-472-HELP (4357) or proceed to your nearest emergency room.