Austin Family Counseling Administrative Assistant (Part Time) 

The Administrative Assistant is responsible for creating a warm and efficient working space for contractors and employees, and a welcoming space for clients and guests. 

Job Duties 

1. Lead on Maintaining AFC Physical Space 

a. Distribute mail 

b. Monitor supplies and provide purchasing support 

c. Manage suites’ Wi-Fi accounts 

d. Restock new intake paper folders in filing cabinet 

e. Update HIPAA binder policies 

f. Obtain liability insurance from all subtenants 

g. Creating new leases and sending them to subtenants 

2. Assist in Hiring Procedures 

a. Manage new hire paperwork 

b. Create new hire accounts 

c. Create job postings and distribute information accordingly 

3. Assist OM/CCC with Administrative Tasks 

a. Work on any requested projects/task received by Exec team 

b. Process contractor session logs & collect payments for payroll 

c. Take team meeting notes & upload to google drive 

d. Update office organizational chart 

e. Destroy client files in Theranest (bi-annually) 

f. Troubleshoot & fix technical issues 

g. Create all ad hoc forms requested 

h. Obtain BAA from companies 

i. Meet with OM/CCC weekly to discuss tasks 

j. Keep website up to date 

k. Serve as back-up for Client Care Coordinator including answering intakes calls

l. Any other administrative tasks assigned by the Exec team 


Employment Term: July 1, 2021 – July 1, 2022.

Resignation will be submitted 45 days in advance in order to hire and train a new administrative assistant. 

Position will be 15-20 hours per week at the physical office(s), with primary working days to be Monday-Friday. Working hours to be approved by AFC director and changes submitted for approval in writing as needed. 


$15 dollars per hour.


1. Must hold a high school diploma or higher.

2. Must be able to provide their own transportation to and from work 3. Experience or interest in the field is preferred.

How To Apply 

Interested applicants should send a resume, cover letter, and three professional references to [email protected]. The deadline to submit all materials is June 25th, 2021.