Texas Virtual Therapy

Servicing All Texas Residents

      How to Get Started with Virtual Therapy

        1. Fill out our intake request form to give us a bit more information about what type of services you are looking for.
        2. Schedule an intake call with our Client Care Coordinator. During this 10-15 minute phone or video call we will provide you with a therapist recommendation and everything you need to know to ensure your first virtual therapy session goes smoothly.
        3. Meet with your therapist and begin your journey toward mental well-being.

        Flexible Counseling Solutions

        With all of the commitments that fill our calendars, it can feel impossible to find additional time to prioritize our mental health. Here at Austin Family Counseling, we are committed to flexing with our clients’ lives to provide even those with the busiest schedules the opportunity to receive support and care. Many of our therapists offer the option to utilize virtual counseling either as a primary means of therapy or in combination with in-person sessions.

        What is Virtual Therapy?

        Virtual therapy is simply utilizing the technology that is already present in your life to meet with your therapist. All that is needed for virtual therapy is a device with audio/video, secure WIFI or data, and a quiet/private space.

        Benefits of virtual therapy include:

        • Virtual therapy provides greater continuity of care. If you are out of town for a business trip or vacation, you are still able to connect with your therapist. If you move to another city in Texas, you can continue your therapy work with the same therapist. In recent years virtual counseling has increased in popularity due to its convenience and flexibility.
        • Virtual therapy removes the need to commute to an appointment, saving you both time and money!
        • You can receive the benefits of therapy all within the comfort of your own home.
        • Virtual therapy is flexible. In collaboration with your therapist you can find a time to meet that works for you.