Insurance acceptance and fees for service

Your insurance company will not directly pay Austin Family Counseling for your services.

Austin Family Counseling (AFC) is a private pay counseling practice.  This means we do not accept any form of insurance and your insurance company will not pay us for your counseling services. When you receive our services, you must pay us directly using your credit card, debit card, check, or with cash.

How much will I pay for counseling?

The cost of counseling varies by client depending on session type and also by clinician. An individual coming in for one on one counseling with an AFC clinician will pay between $125 and $155 for each 50-minute session.  Sessions with multiple people, such as couples and families, cost $125 and $175 for each 50-minute session.  Clients must pay out of their pocket and in full at the time they receive services.  Charges may be incurred as well for late cancellations and not showing up for an appointment.

Can I recoup any money from my insurance for what I pay for AFC counseling?

Maybe; but that’s completely up to your insurance company. Not all insurance companies or policies act the same either.  Because we are not contracted as a provider with any insurance carrier, it is at their full discretion how much they will reimburse, if anything, of what you pay to us for counseling services.  To find out if they will reimburse you anything, request a superbill from your clinician and then contact your insurance company about filing an “out-of-network” claim.  They will let you know what your benefits are for receiving counseling services from a private pay and out of network practice like AFC.

Although we understand working with insurance companies can be really frustrating, we do not directly interact with insurance companies in any way.  If you receive insurance benefits through your employment, your Human Resources department may have resources to assist you work with them.