Self Care Activities in Austin, Texas

October 20, 2023

Say yes to taking care of yourself this fall! With the temperatures finally getting a bit cooler in Austin, I want to encourage you to spend some time taking care of you. We often tend to spend a lot of time taking care of those around us but hardly spend time doing things we love and give us rest. Set aside a weekend and schedule some self-care activities on your calendar! I know people have different ideas of what gives them rest, but I wanted to share with you some ways I like to personally decompress on weekends and hopefully it’ll inspire you to rest too – 

Cafe hopping

Whether you are meeting with friends or enjoying your alone time, a cafe is the perfect place to do just that. Here is a list of coffee shops around Austin that serve as the perfect place to read a book or hang out with loved ones!

Eat at a delicious restaurant

Here are some Austin eats that are my personal favorites – easy to pick up or dine in!

Get a massage and/or a facial

Facials and massages have been such an important part of my self-care journey as it helps me to fully relax and simply rest in knowing that my body is being taken care of. If you’re interested, here are some places I personally have tried and thoroughly enjoyed!

Go on walks

With the weather cooling down, it is the perfect time to take walks! Bring a friend for “walk and talk” hangouts or go alone and enjoy the views of Austin. As my physical therapist would always tell me, “motion is lotion” for the body.

Jennifer Hur lpc counseling therapist
Written By: Jennifer Hur, LPC


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