5 Reasons To Start Journaling For Your Mental Health

November 03, 2023

Enhancing Mental Health and Well-being Through Self-Reflection and Expression

Journaling is the act of writing down your thoughts and feelings in order to understand them
more clearly. It provides a place to confess fears, struggles, desires and wishes without any
fear of judgement. Journaling works to provides clarity (insight & self-awareness) in the midst
of chaos! There is a reason therapist and counselors are consistently encouraging this effective
and cost efficient form of self-care.

Whether you have had a diary/journal in the past or have never participated before, making
journaling a stable part of your daily routine can help improve your emotional and mental
wellbeing. Here are 5 reasons why you should start journaling today!

1. Journaling reduces symptoms of depression and anxiety

Journaling is your own form of emotional regulation when used well! Journaling gives your
the opportunity to process the events one goes through and the thoughts and emotions
surrounding it. Depression and anxiety are often accompanied by negative thoughts.
Journaling allows you to get these thoughts down on paper, process them in a more
analytical, non-emotional way, and then respond appropriately to them. Instead of simply
letting negative thoughts run rampant in your mind, journaling allows you to engage with
your thoughts and determine whether they are true or false

2. Journaling helps you identify stressors and plan for them

When you journal, you are highlighting problems, concerns, and fears that are popping up
for you currently. This allows you to understand triggers, track the symptoms you
experience, and learn how to cope or plan ahead for them when utilizing journaling well.

3. Journaling increases personal growth and awareness

Writing down your feelings about a different situations can help you better understand
yourself and the symptoms and experiences you are experiencing. The act of putting an
experience into words and structure allows you to form new perceptions about events.

4. Journaling cultivates gratitude

When it comes to living a healthy, happy life, gratitude can make all the difference.
Journaling allows you to reflect on all the good things in your life, which, in turn, enables
you to be grateful. When you don’t journal, it’s easy to forget about all the good things
happening in your life and slide into depression or anxiety.

5. Journaling encourages you to open up

Writing privately about a stressful event could encourage some to reach out for social
support. This can help with emotional healing.

In conclusion, journaling is a helpful coping tool in managing your mental health as it offers a healthy way to express yourself and cope with the difficult experiences we are going through. It
works to reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression through providing a space to identify
and plan for stressors while cultivating personal growth, awareness, and gratitude.

I hope these five reason encourage you to start your journaling journey today!

If you are interested in learning how to adapt journaling into your therapeutic walk with me,
click here to schedule a session.

Written By: Adisyn Jamail, LPC-A, Supervised by Joshua Taube, LPC-S


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