“about (c h a n g e)”, A poem by Julie Villarreal

October 26, 2023

about (c h a n g e)

things keep moving around me
i feel overwhelmed

but wait
i am not separate from this change
i am creating it
i am a part of it

the change is gaining so much momentum
and on we go
catching glimpses as things rotate 
what a blur

as i wonder how to cope i think back to my teen years
spinning in circles on the sidewalk in the backyard as it rained
the rain poured down on me and i felt bliss

soaking wet
i was immersed in the moment 
i was alive
i was a part of it
it was not happening TO me
i was a part of it

that is how i enjoyed it
no resistance
i became it

so maybe now if i feel the fullness of this i will have greater awareness
greater appreciation
for the change

even if i am spinning
at least i am feeling it all 

and now i am part of the movement

i dance with this change

i’ll see where we arrive
but until then i am experiencing it
and it is me

i am changing 

Written By: Julie Villarreal, LPC-A, Supervised by Kevin Fall, Ph.D., LPC-S


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