How Therapy Can Help People with High Sensitivity and High Empathy

December 14, 2023

Do you or your child experience high sensitivity or high empathy? Sometimes people with these traits identify as “Highly Sensitive People, “Empaths” or “HSPs.”

Here’s some common traits or experiences of people with high sensitivity and high empathy:

-Highly intuitive
-Very aware of incongruences in other’s energy versus their behavior
-Deep thinker, and deep inner life
-Strongly feel other’s emotions
-Deep connection to nature and animals
-Need a lot of stillness and solitude
-Easily overstimulated
-Feel drained in crowded places
-Easily overwhelmed by violence or negativity
-Challenges with boundaries or absorbing other’s energy
-Physical and emotional exhaustion: burnout from experiencing other’s emotions

How can therapy help with this?

-Increased self-awareness
-Higher discernment of what you are feeling versus what others are feeling
-Improvement in boundaries and communication
-Identification of what nourishes and replenishes you
-Being able to experience your sensitivity and empathy as an expansive gift, rather than a burden or block
-Overcome self-doubt
-Feel empowered
-Increased physical energy
-Deeper presence and inner peace
-Awareness of how to master your energy
-Embracing your unique gifts of healing, connection, and often great change

I have a passion for working with people with high sensitivity and high empathy. Reach out if you are interested in starting your therapy journey with me.

Written By: Julie Villarreal, LPC-A, Licensed Professional Counselor-Associate, Supervised by Kevin Fall, Ph.D., LPC-S


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