H.A.L.T. and Think Simple

December 08, 2017

Irritable? Can’t focus? Yelling? Starting to melt down? They aren’t listening? I don’t know what to do?!? Maybe we need to…

When stressed we have a tendency to overthink things and make them complicated. Sometimes it’s best to H.A.L.T. and think simple.  Ask these questions about yourself and your kiddo…

H – Hungry

When was the last time I had something to eat? Was it full of sugar? Am I hungry? 

Solution: Eat a snack. Protein if you can (cheese, nuts, avocado).

A – Angry

Did a kid say something mean to my child at lunch? Did someone cut me off in traffic?

Solution: Reflect. Take a moment. Listen to a fun song. Make a joke. Meditate.

L – Lonely

Does she need a hug? To hear “I love you”? To do an activity together? Some friend time? 

Solution: Spend time around someone. Ask for help. Give a hug. Play a game.

T – Tired

Did he wake up through the night? Have nightmares? Have a busy day? Play too long? 

Solution: Power nap. Stand up. Play Simon says with stretches. Drink water.

T – Thirsty

When was the last time I drank any water? Have I had too much sugar/caffeine? 

Solution: Drink water or a beverage low in sugars (even artificial) and no caffeine.

These all relate to your BASIC NEEDS – your foundation. If your basic needs aren’t met, you can’t expect yourself, or a kiddo, to make good choices and not be upset. It’s okay to start small. Sometimes, that is all we can manage at the time- and that’s okay. Print this and stick it in your car visor or wallet if you need to. Doesn’t matter if it sounds silly – if it works.

Laura Strohm, LMSW

By: Laura Strohm, LMSW
Supervised by Robyn Gobbel, LCSW


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