Empowered Parenting with Positive Discipline Workshop

About the workshop

Positive Discipline is for parents and caregivers who are looking for research-based effective tools that will encourage children to think for themselves, become more responsible, and have greater respect for themselves and for others. Positive Discipline parenting tools teach valuable social and life skills that promote kindness and firmness which help parents and caregivers get to the core of the child’s misbehavior, bringing more joy into the home and offering a sense of accomplishment.

Learning outcomes

-Understand the reasons and beliefs behind behaviors
-Successfully implement effective family meetings
-Create a home environment that enhances cooperation, collaboration, communication, a sense of connections, and mutual respect
-Gain practice with experiential exercises for “getting into the child’s world” to understand the “belief behind behavior” in order to motivate change

Workshop details

When: Two-Sundays; 5/1 and 5/15 from 11 am – 5 pm
Where: Austin Family Counseling Group Room (5000 Bee Caves Rd, Austin, TX 78746)
Investment: $250/person or $350/pair
*Limit to 10 people, all genders welcome. Bring your partner, family member, or a friend!
*The workshop is designed to go along with the principles in the Positive Discipline book by Jane Nelson which will be included in the registration fee.
*In order to provide the safest experience for all attendees COVID safety protocol will be implemented. Please contact us with questions or concerns.


Register by April 24th
Facilitators: Catherine Mok, LMSW & Janet Mize, LMFT-A, Certified Positive Discipline Parent Educators

For any questions or to learn more contact Janet for a free 15 min consult! [email protected]