Sumayah Luxton, MA, LPC, NCC

Hey, howdy, hi! 🙂

I’m very happy you’re here. Life can be challenging at times and it can be extremely difficult when deciding to start therapy for you or your child. Give yourself a pat on the back for at least even researching therapy options. I believe counseling can be beneficial for anyone at any point in their life, young or old. It’s okay to ask for help, even counselors need counselors. 

I specialize in working with children, pre-teens, and teens and enjoy working with college students and young adults. Depending on the age group, I utilize play therapy, sand tray, mindfulness, expressive arts, and talk therapy. I feel passionately that the earlier in a child’s life I can work with them, the more beneficial it will be for them and their families. My desire is to provide the safe and accepting space you or your child needs to take the lead and process what is on their heart and mind.

I knew early on in life that I wanted to help those around me. I have always wanted to make people feel comfortable and accepted. Throughout my life both, those closest to me and those I barely knew, would share their passions and troubles with me. This early clarity on what I wanted to dedicate my life to led me to Texas A&M University where I graduated with my Bachelors in Psychology, WHOOP! The final step to fulfilling my dream of being a counselor was receiving my Masters in Professional Counseling at Texas State University. 

Before my time at Austin Family Counseling, I worked at a non-profit that focused on serving clients that had experienced severe trauma. Here I was able to provide therapy for clients that ranged from 3 years old to seniors in high school. I got the chance to create and lead group counseling for children, teens, and families. In addition to individual and group settings, I gained experience in therapeutic camps that took clients out of traditional settings and taught them different ways to heal. My experience has taught me that to help a child, it takes a communal effort. This led to me helping create and teach parenting workshops that focused on helping parents understand what their child is going through, as well as skills to help them along the way. 

When I’m not in session I love being outside just enjoying nature, whether that’s swinging in my hammock or sitting by water. My husband and I enjoy cooking for family and friends. And I am always ready to play board games or card games, dance, watch college football, or create any seasonal craft project. 

Now make yourself at home, grab a blanket and cup of hot cocoa, and please let me know if there is anything I can do to help or answer questions!

Areas of Expertise:

-Children 3+, Pre-teens, Teens
-College Students, Young Adults
-Play therapy and sand tray
-Parenting Support
-Emotional Regulation/Coping Skills
-Social Building Skills
-Anxiety, Depression, Anger
-Life Transitions, Stress


$145 for 50 minute Individual or Parenting Session


Northwest Hills Office

Westlake Hills Office