­­­Austin Family Counseling is committed to reducing the barriers that may prevent people from seeking consistent professional help. Indeed, a core principle of our mission is to provide access to therapy for as many people as we possibly can. One key part of this commitment is our drive to offer best in practice tele-therapy services both in Austin and Texas wide.

What is Tele-Therapy?

Distance CounselingTele-therapy, variously called E-Therapy, Electronic Therapy or Distance Counseling refers to counseling that is done via electronic means, most typically using video conferencing software. Tele-therapy blends the best practices of traditional counseling with some of it’s own unique advantages. AFC is committed to effectively using these advantages to help you address your therapeutic needs.

How Might Tele-Therapy Benefit Me?

There is an increasing body of professional studies which indicate that therapeutic outcomes via tele-therapy are as good or better than traditional face-to-face therapy.

In a very practical sense, distance counseling diminishes the barriers to seeking help. You can do tele-therapy from the comfort of your own home, a conference room at your office, or a quiet confidential space practically anywhere.

In our experience of offering tele-therapy at AFC we have found a substantial decrease in missed appointments and the subsequent need to reschedule. A strong determining aspect of therapeutic success is consistency and continuity of treatment. Fewer missed appointments means quicker progress.

Here are just a few more reasons to consider tele-therapy with AFC:

  • Tele-therapy removes the need to commute to an appointment during your busy work week.
  • Tele-therapy saves you time and resources. No driving to your appointment. You save time and gas. A win-win for you and our environment.
  • Tele-therapy allows you to continue therapy with your counselor even if you move to a different area of Texas or you can no longer make it our Bee Caves Road location for whatever reason.
  • Tele-therapy is flexible. In collaboration with your therapist you can find a time to meet that works for you.
  • Tele-therapy is a great way to get your “feet wet” if you may be shy or unsure if therapy is the right thing for you.
  • Tele-therapy provides anonymity. No need to have that embarrassing weekly discussion with your employer about why you need to leave for an appointment.

Am I good Fit for Tele-Therapy?

A wide range of people can benefit from tele-therapy through AFC. We have experience working with a varied and diverse number of clients via distance counseling such as:

  • Working families or couples whose complex schedules make it hard to find time for counseling.
  • Busy professionals who frequently travel or have untraditional work schedules
  • Students who may lack transportation
  • Stay at home parents
  • Disabled or visually impaired clients
  • Clients suffering with the feelings of isolation brought about by depression or anxiety.

Is Tele-Therapy Secure?

Yes! AFC is very sensitive to your on-line safety and security. We only use tele-health specific video conferencing software that is certified as HIPAA compliant. This means that the software we use is highly encrypted. It is safer and more secure than more commonly used video conferencing programs like Skype and FaceTime.

Do I have to be a Tech Savvy Geek to do Tele-Therapy?

No! All you need to have is a laptop, tablet, or smart phone and an internet connection. Your therapist will walk you through the very easy steps to download the software and start the therapeutic process in a matter of minutes.

Next Steps?

Reach out to book your teletherapy session today! Contact us to speak to our intake specialists and set up your appointment. We look forward to talking to you!