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parent coaching and positive disciplineBased on Positive Discipline, a model developed by Dr. Jane Nelsen, AFC offers Austin parent coaching and workshops focused on helping parents feel empowered and encouraged, while also using discipline as a way to teach and inspire children. Positive Discipline provides parents and caregivers with non-punitive methods to inspire children to develop valuable social and life skills. Some of the challenges we can help parents navigate in parent coaching sessions include bedtime, homework, tantrums, sibling rivalry, defiance, school issues, and self-esteem, among many others. We will help you experience being in your child’s shoes so that you can better understand your child first, and then equip you with new and positive tools to collaborate with your child. We offer both individual parent coaching sessions as well as workshops with other parents

More About Positive Discipline:

Positive Discipline is a program based on the work of Alfred Adler and Rudolf Dreikurs and designed to teach young people to become responsible, respectful and resourceful members of their communities. Based on the best selling Positive Discipline books by Dr. Jane Nelsen and co-authors Lynn Lott, Cheryl Erwin and others, it teaches important social and life skills in a manner that is deeply respectful and encouraging for both children and adults (including parents, teachers, childcare providers, youth workers, and others).

Recent research tells us that children are “hardwired” from birth to connect with others, and that children who feel a sense of connection to their community, family, and school are less likely to misbehave. To be successful, contributing members of their community, children must learn necessary social and life skills. Positive Discipline is based on the understanding that discipline must be taught and that discipline teaches.

Jane Nelsen gives the following criteria for “effective discipline that teaches”:

Five Criteria For Positive Discipline
  1. Is it kind and firm at the same time? (Respectful and encouraging)
  2. Does it help children feel a sense of belonging and significance? (Connection)
  3. Is it effective long-term? (Punishment works short term, but has negative long- term results.)
  4. Does it teach valuable social and life skills for good character? (Respect, concern for others, problem-solving, accountability, contribution, cooperation)
  5. Does it invite children to discover how capable they are and to use their personal power in constructive ways?
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Austin Therapists Specializing In Parent Coaching

Brooklie Benson Gonzales
Brooklie is a Licensed Professional Counselor Intern under the supervision of Emily K. Slaughter, LPC-S. Brooklie enjoys helping adolescents discover their identity, engage in healthy relationships with peers and parents, and learn coping skills for life’s challenging times.

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Leanna Hammett
Leanna is a Licensed Professional Counselor. She seeks to provide a nonjudgmental, empathetic ear, walking alongside the client on whatever their path may be.

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Lora Ferguson
Lora is a Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor and Co-Director of Austin Family Counseling. She incorporates her experience as a parent and her years of counseling to better serve clients at Austin Family Counseling.

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Amber Jekot
Amber is a Licensed Master Social Worker supervised by Lindsey Humphrey, LCSW.  Amber tailors interventions to best fit each child or teen while collaborating with parents. She enjoys incorporating art, play, nature, mindfulness and creativity into therapy, working to create a free and safe space for expressing challenging feelings, thoughts patterns, and behaviors.

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Magdalen Marrone
Magdalen is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who tailors her counseling approach to each individual child, drawing from expressive arts, play, sandtray, and talk therapies to create a safe space where children are free to express themselves however they choose.

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Sumati Morris
Sumati is a Licensed Professional Counselor. She believes that therapy is a special time for individuals to explore their identity and to focus on the person they wish to be or become.

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austin parent coaching Kirby Schroeder
Kirby is a Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Supervisor, and Co-Director of Austin Family Counseling. Kirby finds that Play Therapy and Sandtray Therapy is most beneficial when working with clients.

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