Austin Christian Counseling

Are you looking for therapy that incorporates your Christian faith?

At AFC we offer Christian Counseling for clients looking for a therapist who incorporates faith and spirituality into treatment. Often times individuals would like to meet with someone who can offer sound psychological treatment aligned with their faith. Whether you want to read scripture in your session or if you simply want to have a therapist who understands your worldview, we have therapists who can meet this need. Clients who seek Christian Counseling are looking for a therapist who understands the importance of their spiritual beliefs.

Our Christian counselors use all of their counseling tools while maintaining a Christ- focused perspective. Our counselors treat your faith as an integral component of your counseling needs. If you have been hesitant about going to counseling because you are not sure where your faith fits in, our counselors can help address this with you. Perhaps you are having difficulty with your relationship with others or with God, or you are struggling with a particular burden. Our counselors will compassionately integrate your faith into the counseling session to work with you to address these issues.

Austin Therapists Specializing In Christian Counseling

Monica Etter

Monica Etter is a Licensed Professional Counselor Intern supervised by Karen R. Burke, LPC-S, RPT-S. She has years of experience and loves working with children, tweens and teens. Her goal is to provide a safe, supportive space, as well as  positive rapport, so the healing can take place.

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Grace Shook

Grace is a Licensed Professional Counselor. She uses many of the same treatment interventions that she would with any client, but involves your faith in the process. Grace utilizes a very collaborative approach where she cultivates your counseling plan to be comfortable and effective for you while incorporating various techniques, insight, and skills. The two of you may look into what you believe about healing, peace, redemption, or forgiveness to encourage, challenge, and strengthen you throughout the process. 

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Julie Smith

Julie is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. She offers Christian Counseling for clients looking for a therapist who incorporates faith and spirituality into treatment. She believes as a client, your spiritual healing is important to address and integrate into your therapy journey. Combining your mental health with faith-based counseling can create an opportunity for change in your life mentally and spiritually. Julie is not trained in pastoral counseling, but she is able to offer faith-based therapy services.

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