Lorri M. Frasier  M.A., NCC,  LCDC – Associate, LPC – Associate Supervised by Dr. Kyle Miller, LPC-S

“You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending.” – C.S, Lewis

My counseling practice is grounded by my conviction in the possibility of change. This conviction is based on witnessing dramatic, life-changing growth in both personal and professional experiences. 

My work with clients addresses a variety of challenges including trauma, PTSD, addictions, substance abuse, attachment issues, eating disorders, grief, anxiety and depression. I have over 20 years of experience dealing with individuals with substance abuse, and a special interest in helping couples and families deal with the ripple effects caused by addictions and trauma.

Together, we examine how our past significant experiences and relationships have influenced our present-day life. By exploring the messages and beliefs we formed from the past, we gain insight into the current narrative that plays out in our lives. This narrative impacts how we form attachments, how we handle relationships, what coping skills we turn to, and how those choices help or hurt our overall well-being. 

My diverse life experience enables me to meet clients wherever they are in life. My own story has many twists and turns that help me relate to a variety of issues and situations with empathy, compassion, and often, humor. A native Austinite, I studied Psychology & Neuroscience as an undergraduate and earned a bachelor’s degree from Baylor University. From there, I took a decades-long detour working for a fast-paced high-tech company. When the time was right, I decided to leave to leave the corporate world, return to my genuine interests, and get a master’s degree in Counseling. I find it fulfilling to work with people who have a desire to grow, heal, and become their best selves. 

Areas of Expertise:

– Adults
– Teens
– Couples
– Trauma
– Addictions
– Substance Abuse
– Attachment Issues
– Eating Disorders
– Grief & Loss
– Anxiety
– Depression


$130 for 50-minute Individual session

$150 for 50-minute Couples session


Northwest Hills Office