Laura Strohm, LCSW


You might be here looking for answers or support in this crazy journey called parenting. You may have questions such as:

– Is my child or adolescent normal?

-Are his feelings supposed to be this big? He is having behavioral outbursts.

-I feel like I speak a different language than my daughter. We communicate differently.

-I want to to build stronger attachment and have a good relationship with my child or teen!

-What should I do when my kid is having a tantrum and I feel like having one too?! I need support!

– My experience is so unique as having a foster or adoption child. I don’t feel like anyone understands.

Through our work together, I’ll help with understanding around why behaviors might be happening or changes that have taken place since a large trauma (or layering of “smaller” experiences) are occurring. We can work to build trust and a stronger relationship after foster or adoption.  Together, we’ll identify strengths and even small progress in the family that can be celebrated to increase self confidence and motivation to keep moving forward. I can help interpret child/teenager lingo into adult speak and vice versa, increasing communication. I will also work to provide tools, resources, coping skills, and support to empower you and your child to create change and not be consumed by current crisis or stress.

In my work with children and adolescents I use mindfulness techniques that incorporate use of the senses, movement, and inward attention to the body. This helps to increase self awareness and build skills to know what might be happening, and how to intervene before the volcano blows. I have a relational style and strive for my sessions to feel more like play or a conversation, not an interrogation. I provide a creative and safe environment to help your child navigate their internal world and build mastery in themselves. I use art, sensory integration, games, talk, and movement.

I connect well with children and tweens as well as teenage boys who others might view as grumpy or disengaged. Maybe your child has been struggling to fit in or manage school pressure. I work to help them see how awesome you already know they are. I have 7+ years experience with children and teens who have experienced various types of trauma, crisis, adoption, safety risks, and attachment difficulties.  I do not shy away from a scary past, because there is always space for a healthy future.

We must not forget the little things- the quick moments that slip by.                                                                                                           There will not always be a gleaming ray of solution to get us through the day.                                                                                                     It is often the simple pleasures, whether 3 seconds or 3 minutes,that get us through each moment and help us survive.                                     The more we look for, find, and appreciate those moments-the more of them we will find and the stronger they become.                             Allow yourself to enjoy even the tiniest feeling of hope, peace, enjoyment, or love.

Areas of Expertise:

– Trauma
– Adoption
– Sensory Integration
– Bonding and Connection
– Attachment
– Shy, Quiet or Grumpy Kiddos
– Grumpy Kiddo
– Difficult Childhood
– Creative or Artistic Types
– Over/Under Achievers
– Communication
– Managing Emotions
– Confused Parents


$135 for 50 minute Individual or Parent session