Josh Killam, LPC

Life can feel burdensome and unmanageable, and our natural reaction is to expend all of our energy pushing back, putting up facades, and hiding behind masks. As human beings, we possess an unyielding potential to be open to experiences, to give and receive love, and to discover our whole self. We have a past, we experience the present, and we hope for the future. Your journey can begin with the recognition of your past as valuable, embracing the now, and planning for a more satisfying future.  As Carl Rogers says, only when we discover that we are loved for who we are, not who we pretend to be, can we become a person worthy of love. My goal as a therapist is to walk with you on your path to fulfilling your capacity to be human, to give and receive love, to care, to comfort yourself and others, and to embrace all of life. To be genuinely Human is so profound and beautiful; I want to share in the journey to becoming your whole self.  I am looking forward to meeting you exactly where you are and joining in your discovery to becoming a whole you.

I studied psychology at the University of Texas at Austin for my undergraduate degree and went on to earn my Masters of Arts in Counseling from Houston Baptist University. I am a licensed professional counselor intern supervised by Susan Gonzalez LPC-S. For individual counseling, I serve adolescents ages 12+ and their families, as well as adults and couples counseling The focus of my clinical experience, is working with adolescents (e.g., trauma, life transitions, failure to thrive). I take a systems approach to teen and family counseling using Positive Discipline as the foundation to my teen and family work. As a positive discipline parent education, I believe that is valuable to include parents in the therapeutic process. Other areas of interest are adult trauma/PTSD, depression, addiction, eating disorders, and many more. Behavioral health support this includes habit management, intuitive eating, chronic pain, and chronic illness. I am a believer in mind-body wellness so all of my clients no matter their concerns can expect a holistic outlook to therapy.

Areas of Expertise:

– Adolescents (Ages 10+)
– Young Adults & Adults

– Couples & Families
– Trauma/Divorce/Life Transitions for Adolescents
– LGBTQ+ Concerns
– Behavioral Health Support
– Trauma/PTSD
Eating Disorders
– Addiction/Substance Abuse
– Mood Disorders

– Anxiety & Depression


$135 for 50 minute Individual or Parenting session

$155 for 50 minute Couples or Family session


Westlake Hills Office