Jim Rowell (he/him), LMSW, supervised by Tammy Linseisen, LCSW-S

I believe every person brings with them the desire and potential for personal growth and change, and that we all grow through and toward connection. In my work with you, I aim to foster a sense of authenticity, hope, and empowerment, with the understanding that it will extend to your life and relationships outside counseling, deepening your connection with yourself and others.

I received a Bachelor of Arts in English from Oberlin College and a Masters in Social Work from the University of Texas at Austin. In my past career, I worked in schools, cultivating joy and wonder through gardening and cooking food with students, teachers, and their families.

I have experience working with individuals and families of all ages and backgrounds. I am passionate about helping children, teens, and adults to find their voice and explore aspects of their identity, and I find value in supporting families and parents through periods of change and disconnection/reconnection.

When I am not with clients, I enjoy being outdoors, gardening, cooking, and learning new ways to make my daughter laugh.

Areas of Expertise:

-Children (3+)
– Parents
-Anxiety & Depression
-Identity Exploration
-Gender & Sexuality
-Life Transitions
-Parenting Support
-Behavior Issues
-Emotional Regulation
-Relationship Concerns
-Family Conflict
-Loneliness & Isolation


$140 50-minute Individuals
$170 50-minute Families



Northwest Hills


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