Jim Rowell (he/him), LCSW

Now Offering Walk and Talk Therapy

Are you seeking a deeper understanding and a deeper sense of connection with yourself and in your relationships? Have you and a loved one struggled to communicate lately? Do you miss the relationship you used to have? I work with individuals who are navigating relationships, mental health challenges, and identity, as well as families and couples going through periods of change and disconnection, to find and express their more authentic selves and to find connection again. In my work with you, I aim to foster a sense of authenticity, hope, and empowerment.

I am passionate about working with parents, especially new parents, and with families going through a period of disconnection or change. I draw inspiration from nature and root my work in an understanding of neurobiology. In my work with individuals, my areas of focus are anxiety, depression, life changes, loneliness and isolation, and relationship issues.

Outside work, I’m also a loving father, spouse, and sibling. I recharge by gardening, sitting in nature, reading, or taking a swim. I believe therapy is most beneficial when it draws our attention to and nurtures the most positive aspects of ourselves. I’d love a chance to learn more about what you’re going through and how I can help.

Areas of Expertise:

– Individuals
– Couples
– Families
– Parent-Child Relationships
– Teens & Pre-Teens (ages 9+)
– Anxiety & Depression
– Identity Exploration
– Gender & Sexuality
– Life Transitions
– Parenting Support
– Family Conflict
– Relationship Concerns
– Loneliness & Isolation
– Ecoanxiety, Eco Grief, and Climate-Related Distress


$160 50-minute Individuals and Parenting

$185 50-minute Families and Couples

Sliding scale options available: $65 for individuals and $105 for couples and families.



Northwest Hills


Walk and Talk Therapy

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