Jamie Alger, LPC-Associate                                                                                                     Supervised by Lora Ferguson, LPC-S

Hi! I’m Jamie. I’m glad you’re here. It takes courage to explore therapy, and it means you’re interested in making some shifts in your life.

A friend of mine once said to me, “Ease up on yourself, Jamie. You’re human. You’re going to make mistakes. You’re not going to be perfect. And you better hope you’re not. Otherwise, you’ll be out of here pretty quickly. This down here is school.”

He was referring to Planet Earth. I mention this because it made me laugh and also because I agree.

Being human is an endless journey of growth and learning. Being human is rich. Complex. Challenging. Beautiful.

Easy? Not a word I’d choose. The older I get, the more fascinated I become by us humans. Our strength. Our courage. Our resiliency. We are so resilient. And still, we don’t have to do it alone.

I believe we could all use a safe space to process what we’re going through in life. Therapy offers you time to slow down and untangle the hard stuff. It provides a place to feel your feelings and share your stories. It brings you closer to your heart and your truth. Simply put, it’s good for the soul.

I know what it’s like to feel like your feelings are too much. I know what it’s like to be around people who shy away from the truth when life gets difficult.

In therapy with me, it’s never about saying the “right” thing. It’s about getting comfortable saying the honest thing. My intention is to hold space for you to be ALL of you so you can start paving a more authentic and self-expressed life.

I support teens, young adults, and adults (especially women) who desire support with:

– Anxiety/Overwhelm
– Depression
– Life Transitions
– Grief/Loss
– Self-Expression
– Self-Esteem
– Relationships: Intimacy, Connection, Communication

Therapy is a journey, not a race. I believe it’s one of the most rewarding journeys you can take because every change in life blossoms from a change you first make within.

Areas of Expertise:

– Adults & Adolescents (12+)
– Self-Expression
– Self-Esteem
– Relationships: Intimacy, Connection, Communication
– Grief & Loss
– Anxiety & Depression
– Life Transitions


$125 for 50 minute Individual Session


Northwest Hills Office