Grace Shook, LPC
AFC Projects Manager

It takes a lot of courage to seek out and begin therapy. That is why it is important to me to cultivate a safe and welcoming space for you or your child to be heard and understood. I want to hear your unique story and know what has shaped your values, interests, and counseling needs.

I am an alumni of Texas A&M University (Whoop!) where I studied sociology and psychology before continuing my education at Oklahoma State University and received a Master of Science in Counseling. I am passionate about empowering children, young teens, and adults who are struggling with anxiety, attachment, self-esteem concerns, disordered eating, or navigating difficult transitions in life. Having moved many times throughout my life, I can understand the emotional and physical strain that comes with big transitions. I utilize an integrative and collaborative approach to cultivate a treatment process that will best meet you and your child’s needs, enabling a life unencumbered by disruptions caused by anxiety, trauma, and unhealthy coping. I consider your culture, beliefs, and values throughout our counseling relationship, and am especially skilled in building rapport with you and your child to help provide an outside and unbiased perspective to promote insight and spark growth.

I am also a Christian and can provide Christian Counseling or a faith-integrated counseling approach upon request. However, I will never push my beliefs or values on you. I encourage you to come as you are.

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Areas of Expertise:

– Children Ages 8+
– Young Teens & Adults

– Life Transitions
– Self-Esteem & Body Image Issues
– Trauma/EMDR
– Anxiety
Christian Counseling


$135 for 50 minute Individual session

$155 for 50 minute Family, Couple or Parenting session


Westlake Hills Office